Summary and roundup of the day
Discussion and decision over the possibilities for the next step – outputs

Antonio Gonzalez Zarandona

Anoma Pieris

James Barry

Day 2, Deakin Downtown
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Morning Tea 10:30 – 10:45
Session two: 10:45 – 12:15

What Are the Social and Historical Corollaries of the Destruction of the Heritage of the “Other”?

The Remembered Village: Refugee Inscriptions of the Europe-Asia Border

Heritage Cooperation between Armenia and Iran: The Blue Mosque of Yerevan and the Saint Thaddeus Monastery of West Azerbaijan

Heritage is Everywhere

'Commemoration Reframed'

Conceptualising Heritage in Volatile Contexts

Timothy Edensor

Shanti Sumartojo

Ali Mozaffari

David Harvey (chair)


Order of proceedings
31 January 2019

Tea Break 14:45 -15:15
Roundup and discussion 15:15 – 16:45

Lunch Break: 12:15 – 13:15
Session three: 13:15 – 14:45

Feras Hammami

Sofya Shahab

Ali Mozaffari

Heritage for Emancipation: Borders, Abolition and Resistance to the Logic of Elimination

Cultural Stability or Conflict: the Chronotopic Materialities of Assyrian Heritage in Iraq and Syria

Screening Heritage

Level 12, Tower 2, 727 Collins Street
Melbourne Victoria 3008


Session one 9 – 10:30